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    Established in 2006, Hangzhou Xiangshun Chemical Products Co.,Ltd. is located near the beautiful West Lake in Fuyang, Hangzhou city,and enjoys very convenient transport. It has 80 employees including 10 technicians.

    The company is mainly engaged in the production of various kinds of guanidine salts( annual output 2,800 tons) including Guanidine hydrochloride,Guanidine carbonate ,Guanidine nitrate ,Guanidine sulfate,Guanidinesulfamate,Mono-guanidine hydrogen phosphate ,Di-guanidine hydrogen phosphate ,Guanidine hydrochloride,Guanidine thiocyanate,Amldinourea sulfate and Amldinourea phosphate.Our products are mostly exported, mainly to Europe, the US and Japan.

    The scientific management system and excellent products and services of Hangzhou Tairon Chemical Products Co.,Ltd.has won the company high commercial reputation. And we warmly welcome the cooperation and visit of partners from both home and abroad.

    Packing:25kg woven bag with plastic lining;20kg paper bag with plastic lining; all products are in the same packing exceptaqua.

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